DIY Harry Potter Wands


July is an important month for us whimsical wizards. Why? Well, July 31st is the day we celebrate a very special birthday. Two birthdays, in fact…JK Rowling & our good friend Harry Potter!

Alex and I are planning a Harry Potter themed party to celebrate Harry’s birthday! We thought it’d be fun to create wands for our guests. I’ve attached images below of the step-by-step processes to create these magical wands, and the paint colors that we used. I’ll also summarize the instructions below:


1) You’ll need hot glue. And lot’s of it depending on how many wands you want to make. We made 8 wands and used about 20 glue sticks.

2) Chopsticks (for the wands) or thin wood pieces

3) Acrylic paint

4) Paint brushes (and a paint sponge brush, $0.49 at Michaels)


1) Create a thick glue coating on the broad side of your wood/chopstick. This will be your handle. Note, you can mold the hot glue after about 20-30 seconds of it drying. You’ll see it becoming less opaque, and that’s when it’s safe to touch/mold.

2) Create your customized design around the rest of the wood. See below for designs, or simply google wand examples!

3) Paint over your design once the glue is fully dried, and then let the painted wand dry. Wah-lah, it’s that simple…wands at the ready! You can paint multiple layers to add texture if you’d like.


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