Golden Snitch Delights


Did you enjoy our post about how to create your own Harry Potter wands?! Well, there’s more where that came from ­čÖé We’re creating a bunch of unique items for our Harry Potter themed party. One of those items is Golden Snitch Delights.┬á

Snitch Ingredients/Supplies:

-Ferrero Rocher chocolate
-White paper
-Gold & Bronze metallic sharpies
-Tape & Scissors


1) On a piece of paper, practice your snitch “wing” designs. I looked online for examples and ended up creating my own design. Once you find a “wing” look that you really like…you’re 1/4 complete! It’s difficult to completely mirror the look, so I folded a few sheets of paper in half, drew the wing on the folded corner side, and cut it out like trace paper. This makes the whole process a lot faster and a lot easier.

2) Once you have enough wings, remove the “Ferrero Rocher” sticker, place the wings in the center with a small piece of clear tape, and put the sticker back on top.

3) *OPTIONAL: If you’d like to┬áenhance┬áthe wings, you can draw on them or outline them with metallic sharpies.

Fancy Label Supplies:

-Black marker/Sharpie
-White paper
-Tan/Nude colored construction paper


1) I wanted to create a “antique” “Harry Potteresque” essence with my party labels so my first step was to cut up several rectangular pieces of white paper.

2) I carefully used my lighter (a combo of lighter and electric stove) to burn the edges of the paper. This is not advisable if you are not comfortable with fire. it is important to light the paper in tiny increments while continuously blowing it out.

3) Write our your items on your (now old-fashioned looking) paper in pencil first, hen trace over with the black marker or Sharpie.

4) Tape or glue the label to a tan colored, rectangular shaped construction paper (see images).

3) *OPTIONAL: I want to reuse my labels in the future, so I laminated mine! It also helps against spills, etc. Enjoy!



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