1. Cut fish of choice into small cubes / peel and devein shrimp (for either fish, shrimp, or mixed ceviche)
  2. Boil water in a pot
  3. While you wait for the water to boil, juice 3-5 limes and an orange in a large bowl
  4. Once water comes to a boil, blanch the fish/shrimp (for only about 30 seconds!)
  5. Cut red onion in half, and thinly slice horizontally. Let it soak in water (this helps make it less spicy)
  6. Take out the fish/shrimp. DO NOT DUMP THE WATER! Take pot off of stove and let it cool.
  7. Add fish/shrimp into large bowl with lime/orange juice. You should have enough lime/orange juice so that covers most of the fish/shrimp.
  8. Wait for the water to cool – 10~15 minutes
  9. Pour half of the water into the large bowl with fish/shrimp. Add enough water so it’s like a soup… a good ratio between soup and fish/shrimp.
  10. Add salt/pepper until there’s enough flavor. You can even add ketchup, mustard, or hot sauce.
  11. Serve into individual bowls. Eat with cilantro, red onions and crushed chifles OR popcorn! Buen provecho!

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